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5 Best Golang Courses To Learn In 2022

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5 Best Golang Courses To Learn In 2022


Hello, everyone. Today I’m going to talk about Go or Golang, one of the most well-known current programming languages. You can only imagine the strength and simplicity this programming language brings to the table given that it was invented by none other than Google to improve the efficiency and quality of their software development process. Google set out to develop a new programming language in 2009, and the result was the Go programming language, which was designed to be quick, efficient, and enjoyable to code without sacrificing readability, productivity, or simplicity.

Even if the name Google wasn’t enough, this programming language was developed by Ken Thompson, who also built well-known technologies like the C programming language and the UNIX operating system. Two Google workers named Robert Griesemer and Rob Pike also made significant contributions. Golang was created by Google and is, by nature, quick, dependable, and efficient. Businesses like Netflix, Uber, and, of course, Google rely on it.

In addition to powering a large portion of Google’s own cloud platform, GCP, or Google Cloud Platform, Go is especially used by Google for its massive networks of server farms. Go is a programming language that is utilized by teams of operations and infrastructure professionals, web developers, and application developers all around the world. It is also one of the most widely used languages for developing software and cloud-native infrastructure. You’ve come to the correct site if you want to study Go in 2022 and are seeking some top-notch resources, such as online training courses. I’m going to include some of the top Golang or Go Programming courses in this article for both novice and seasoned programmers.

In this article, you will find the 5 Best Golang Courses To Learn In 2022.

1. Learning Go by LinkedIn learning

Google developed the cutting-edge, open-source programming language Go for creating systems, websites, and other applications. The goal of this course is to introduce developers to the fundamental syntax and language constructs of Go.

Go Playground, an online application that moves Go development off of the desktop is among the tools and abilities David Gassner teaches as part of a Go workflow. Additionally, he talks about managing data, utilizing arithmetic operators, storing values as complex kinds, and controlling program flow—basic programming duties. Additionally, discover how to construct reusable Go code, open and close files, and send basic HTTP requests.

Key Topics

  • Getting Started
  • Manage Simple Variable Values
  • Manage Complex Types and Collections
  • Manage Program Flow
  • Create Reusable Code
  • Work with Files and the Web

Requirements:  None

Duration: 2h 22m

Rating: 4.7

Certificate: Yes

Entry Level: Intermediate/Advanced

2. Programming with Google Go Specialization by Coursera

The Go programming language from Google is introduced in this specialization, which also gives students an introduction to Go’s unique characteristics. After completing the three courses, students will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to use Go to build apps that are succinct, effective, and clean.

Develop Your Career in Computer Programming. Utilize Go, Google’s ground-breaking programming language, to create effective apps!

Key Topics

  • Getting Started with Go
  • Functions, Methods, and Interfaces in Go
  • Concurrency in Go

Requirements:  Knowledge of object-oriented languages like C++ or Python

Duration: 3 months

Rating: 4.6

Certificate: Yes

Entry Level: Intermediate Level

3. Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) by Udemy

This course is designed to help you master Go as quickly as possible. We’ll briefly go over the fundamentals before delving into some of the language’s more complex capabilities. Don’t fall for other classes’ tricks of teaching you nothing but for-loops and if-statements! You can only learn how to utilize Go’s concurrency model and interface-type systems in this one course on Udemy.

Go is intended to be simple to learn yet difficult to master. You’ll rapidly begin to learn the language’s peculiarities through a variety of projects, tests, and assignments. You must develop code in order to learn Go, just like any other language. You’ll have plenty of chances in this course to go out on your own and start developing your own programs.

Key Topics

  • Understand the basic syntax and control structures of the language
  • Apply Go’s concurrency model to build massively parallel systems
  • Grasp the purpose of types, which is especially important if you’re coming from a dynamically typed language like Javascript or Ruby
  • Organize code through the use of packages
  • Use the Go runtime to build and compile projects
  • Get insight into critical design decisions in the language
  • Gain a sense of when to use basic language features

Requirements:  Knowledge of other programming languages like Python, Javascript, Ruby, or similar

Duration: 9 hours

Rating: 4.6

Certificate: Yes

Entry Level: Intermediate 

4. Go Fundamentals by Pluralsight

Do you want to learn how to program?

Do you have any positive feedback about Google’s Go programming language? Then you should take this course! You’ll master the fundamentals of Go programming in this course, Go Fundamentals. You must first master the required “Hello World” phrase. You’ll then learn about conditional decision-making and the fundamentals of functions. Then, you’ll use variables and objects like slices and maps to interact with data.

Finally, you’ll learn how to use structs to design your own unique data types and use goroutines to become familiar with concurrent programming. After completing this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary to begin utilizing Go in some of your own projects and to add Go programming to your growing skill set.

Key Topics

  • Course Overview
  • Course Introduction
  • Introducing Go
  • Hello World
  • Working with Variables and Constants
  • Working with Functions
  • Working with Conditionals
  • Working with Loops
  • Arrays and Slices
  • Working with Maps
  • Working with Structs
  • Concurrency in Go
  • What Next?

Requirements: Knowledge of other programming languages like Python, Javascript, Ruby, or similar

Duration: 3h 25m

Rating: 4.8

Certificate: Yes

Entry Level: Intermediate 

5. Learn Go by Codecademy

Go (or Golang) is an open-source programming language created to create scalable, quick, and reliable applications.

Go is primarily used by Google for its extensive server networks, and it also drives a substantial portion of Google’s own cloud platform. Go is a programming language used by developers in a variety of contexts, including web development, operations, and infrastructure teams. It serves as the infrastructure and programming language for Cloud Native applications.

We’ll see much larger usage and more inventive applications of the language as Go’s acceptance and popularity grow.

Key Topics

  • The setup of a Go environment and how to create a Go file.
  • Go’s data types and variables.
  • Go’s conditional statements.
  • Using functions in Go.

Requirements:  None

Duration: 10 Hours

Rating: 4.8

Certificate: Yes (with Pro)

Entry Level: Beginner Level 

Go can run without a virtual computer or language runtime. Its user-friendliness makes it simpler to build applications since it is built to leverage many cores, operate in distributed contexts and be user-friendly. Go enables the construction of performant apps with fewer development resources as a result. The top online courses for learning Golang are listed here.

The foundations and advanced aspects of Go are thoroughly covered in these courses. Students will be well-versed in a wide range of topics, including how to use interfaces to streamline complicated programs and how to comprehend various data structures. Students must be proficient in another programming language, such as Python, Ruby, or Java.

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